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Harpsichord Clearing House

Giuttari Digital 2023


Giuttari Digital 2023

HCH has recently completed work on a Hauptwerk-based digital continuo organ.  This organ is being shown at the Early Music America Summit in October 2023 and a small number of these will be available in Fall of 2024.

We have specifically designed this as a durable and robust institutional instrument with specifications for continuo and choir organ use. 

• HCH design and build with Hauptwerk technology.
• Compass: 54 notes, C-f’’’ - Wooden keyboard plated with Blackwood naturals with  curly maple sharps. 
• Solid walnut casework with four inset carved panels.
• Keyboard retracts for moving and storage
• 5 stops (actuated by sliders - (left of keyboard) and four specifications (available thru the touch screen). 
• Variable Pitch (414-466 in cents) / Transposing -6/+6.
• Equal temperament/ 20+ temperaments built into the program.
• Audio: 130 watts, 2 channel.
• Dimensions: 41" w x 34" h x 23" d / weight:  180 # .
• Keyboard height 30 1/2"

Padded cover and platform dolly.  

 We welcome your inquiry.