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Rentals & Appraisals


HCH can provide early keyboard instrument appraisals
  • This includes written instrument appraisals for estates, charitable donations, and insurance purposes. HCH can prepare IRS Form 8283 for charitable donations to accompany appraisals
  • Appraisal fee is $325.00 and includes email PDF and two signed hard copies via USPS.


Currently available for Boston/Providence  area concert rental.



Instruments chosen from our Gallery.  Call to discuss.  


Zuckermann Flemish double, GG-d"' transposing 415/440  8'8'4'

French double manual harpsichord by Peter Fisk, 2017, FF - f’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, shove coupler, buff, transposing A 415, A440, wooden jacks, black celcon plectra


#4096 HCH Continuo Organ by Bennett & Giuttari, opus 20, 2002 C-d"' transposing keyboard A415, A440 All registers divided / 8’ Gedeckt - / 4’ Rohrflote - / 2’ Holtzprincipal

Digital Continuo, 2020. "Tina"  four stop instrument 8' gedackt, 4' Rhorflote, 2' principal, 8' regal. Transposing, with temperaments.  Weighted wood keyboard.  

...and select instruments from our gallery.

Musical Instrument Insurance Coverage

Clarion Insurance is the largest insurance firm dedicated solely to the needs of musicians worldwide. @ or via phone  at 1-800-VIVALDI (848-2534).