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Appraisals & Rentals


HCH can provide early keyboard instrument appraisals
  • This includes written instrument appraisals for estates, charitable donations, and insurance purposes. HCH can prepare IRS Form 8283 for charitable donations to accompany appraisals
  • Prepared remotely based on submitted data. 
  • Appraisal fee is $325.00 and includes email PDF and two signed hard copies via USPS.


Available for New England area concert rental -   January 2023 
  • Singles

Willard Martin MERSENNE single 8'8' transposing, GG,AA-d"'
Dimensions:  69 x 32". Full engaging sound- will match early & modern instruments! Comes with padded cover, tuning kit and stage dolly.  Pick up and return to Rehoboth facility only.  

  • Doubles

Instruments chosen from our Gallery.  

  • Organs

Digital Continuo, 2022. "Tina"  four stop instrument 8' gedackt, 4' Rhorflote, 2' principal, 8' regal. Transposing 415-440, 465 , with temperaments.  Weighted wood keyboard.  A full description is on our "organ" page.