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Listing & Consignment


Getting your instrument listed with us --Electronic listing: 

Instruments are listed by us on a Commission Basis: (20%) and an initial $100 listing fee.

The instrument stays with you and we refer every inquiry that comes in. When we recommend your instrument, you will be notified immediately, and that party will contact you directly, i.e. you discuss and negotiate directly with the buyer.  Commission is due at the time of the sale if we have been involved in any way in the sale, including  pricing or reference to our website for sales or promotional purposes.


To list an instrument and facilitate sale, we'll need a full description and some really good photographs.  Be specific in your write-up and perhaps consult current listings for a model of what we find works best.  We'll rewrite as needed. Feel free to call and discuss pricing, and provide all of your contact information and physical address.

Consignment to the Gallery:

Instruments of high quality are often brought to our Gallery in Rehoboth, MA. These instruments are chosen by our staff, and receive a thorough technical and cosmetic update to insure that each is in its best condition. Commission on sale of these instruments is 25%. In addition, owners should expect to also pay for transportation in, insurance and any technical work needed. HCH stands fully behind these instruments and guarantees each for a period of five years for workmanship and materials.


EUROPEAN LISTINGS :  Please contact us for a special offer and rate for European listings.