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4344 FL

Zuckermann Flemish by Rebholz, 1986


Beautifully constructed  Flemish harpsichord built in England from Zuckermann design and elaborately decorated by George Rebholz ( professional restorations)  in 1986.

56 note GG-d"' transposing, 8'8' buff with elaborate Flemish decoration throughout-including reverse Flemish papers to keywell and soundboard surround; Ash grain with hand painted mottoes and arabesques to lid; Full board painting, and marbled case and lid.    The keyboard is of bone with dark stained sharps.  Plastic jacks.  This instrument is in Delray Beach, FL.  

This instrument was originally offered at $8900.   Owners are downsizing and MUST sell, hence a reprice to $4800.


New listing 11/16/20;  repriced 12/18/20