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4363 CT

Five octave transposing Flemish, 1986 ~ Sold ~


4363 CT
This is Zuckermann concert Flemish that was completely rebuilt by the Harpsichord Clearing House in 1986.  GG-f"' transposing, with 8'8'4' and buff.  The instrument has Flemish papers to keywell and soundboard surround and a solid oak three leg turned stand and is located in Suffield, CT.  $4900.   THIS INSTRUMENT HAS BEEN SOLD. ...however, 

May 26, 2021 > We've just listed a Zuckermann concert rebuilt by John Bennett.  It's in New Haven, CT and priced at $4900.  Call or e-mail for information.  GG-f"' transposing, 8'8'4' - Trestle stand.  

7/1/21 This instrument has been sold -to Todd Borgerding