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4486 NH

William Post Ross Italian. ~ SOLD ~


4486 NH

William Post Ross Inner Italian 8’8’ built in 1982  Herz jacks in wood registers -   GG-e”’ transposing, 8'8'.  Circa 1970's. PLEASE NOTE that this is not offered as a playing instrument but I include it because  of the reputation and mythology surrounding the builder.    The structure is good but the instrument would profit from new jacks  and restringing and voicing.  Ross' work is always fascinating -- getting the most bang for the buck from an instrument.  

The Ross is 85-3/16” length along spine (inner case only) by 34-1/2” width at keyboard well, octave span 6-1/4”. Slides and guides seem fine - very little play, but move easily without binding.   $2500.   

Listed 7/16/22
Sold  7/18/22