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4379 HCH

William Dowd Flemish Double

4379 HCH

Flemish double manual harpsichord by William Dowd, 1970/2024, opus 191,   GG/ BB - d‘’’, 52 notes, buff, 8’, 8’, 4’, non transposing, ebony sharps, boxwood naturals, decorated in English style with full inlay to key well and case panels and Ball & Ball brass hinges. (89.5” x 31.5”, 6 1/4” octave) Turned legs. Includes cover and full kit. The instrument is at 415 HZ pitch.  

 Harpsichord Clearing House has just completed complete the rebuild of this instrument including new Dowd tongues and Birkett wire.  The full soundboard painting  is by artist Lynn Paquin.    $26,000

Listed 3/17/24