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4320 CA

Unfretted Clavichord by Andrew Lagerquist ~ Sold ~


4320 / CA / Bay Area ~  SOLD  ~
Clavichord after Lindholm-Söderström, made by Andrew Lagerquist (Opus 10) in 2010. 5 1/2 octaves, double-strung (with added 4' in bass FF-A), unfretted, FF to c’’’’. Pitched at a'=420. Beautifully dovetailed case joints. Action is well-balanced, well-proportioned and easy to play; keytails are leathered and ride between wood guide ribs. Great for any music, and of course a magnificent instrument for CPE Bach and Haydn owing to the enormous soundboard area, it's capable of high decibels for a clavichord. Case 81" L X 24" W X 8.25" D inclusive of lid, keyboard height 30" from floor. Legs unthread for transport. $12,000.