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3784 Ireland

Two Manual & Pedal Practice Organ by Kenneth Jones



Two Manual & Pedal Practice Organ by Kenneth Jones 2014.

Suitable for home or teaching Institution, this is a small practice organ specifically designed to fit into a small music facility or room or studio. It takes up no more than the space of an upright piano, except for the detachable pedal. It has full pedal (radiating) of 30 notes up to F and two manuals (C-g"'). Each manual and the pedal has one 8 ft stop, so the organ has three 8 ft stops of different character. The lowest octave is shared among the three, yet they are mechanically independent. The top lid is adjustable to allow differentiation of volume and the front panel can be opened for tuning or if a louder sound is required. Adjustable stool. The stops are different in character and the lower manual offers a slightly more powerful intonation in the treble to allow 'solo' play. Playing a trio sonata you will hear the independent voices very well. The overall sound is pleasant, gentle and warm; this means it doesn't tire the ear nor the other inhabitants of the home. Case dimensions: Height 222 cm; Width (case) 166 cm (plus 35 cm for blower box on bottom right side); Depth 45 cm. Located in Wicklow, Ireland. € 22.000 Euros/offer. ~ Updated 6/2020.


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