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4547 NE

Two manual & pedal box organ by Witteveen ~ Sold ~


4547 NE

Two manual and pedal box organ by Rinze Witteveen, 2010. 5 stops.  Manual I: 8' Holpijp, 4' Roerfluit, 2' Octaaf, 8' Vox Humana. Manual II: 8' Gedekt (transmission from Man. I), 4' Quintadeen. Pedal: Permanently coupled to Manual I. Tremulant affects the entire organ. Manual compass C - f''' (54 notes; 8' Holpijp omits lowest C#); pedal compass C - d' (27 notes). Naturals of maple, sharps of ebony, and case of Oregon pine: 46" wide, 24" deep, 38.5" high; lower keyboard projects an additional 4" from case; pedalboard projects an additional 23" from case. Full footprint is 46" wide x 47" deep. All pipes are made of wood and travel well. Straightforward portability: the pedalboard slides out, and four retractable metal handles make an easy two-person lift (185 pounds approximately). The blower is located within the case. Bench and tuning hammer included.   Complete refurbished 2023

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 Offered at $37,000.

Listing date 2/15/23