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4437 GA

Taskin Double by Hubbard & Broekman ~ Sold~


#4437 GA

A beautiful Hubbard and Broekman 1999 French harpsichord after Taskin.  FF-f”’ transposing 8’8’4’ buff.  The instrument sits on a tapered straight leg stand. The Instrument exterior painted blue with gold banding, and interior- cream with banding to lid and moldings.  Keyboard of ebony and bone.  With the instrument are tools, music desk and padded cover.  92" x 38" with 6 1/4" octave.  In excellent condition, the instrument is owned by a professional player and can be seen in the greater Atlanta area.  

Offered at $22,000 Listed 11/13/21

4/5/22 PLEASE NOTE: This instrument has been sold.