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4613 HCH

Highly Portable Flemish single


4613 HCH

Carl Fudge design Flemish single completed by Glenn Giuttari 2010.  8’8’ buff, 52 note BB-d”’@ 415, transposing BB-c#”’ @ 440. ( Hubbard jacks with delrin) Green case exterior with Flemish papers and lid painted lid motto,  keyboard of ebony and bone.  Handsome three post turned oak stand,  It's small size and light weight make this a versatile and easily portable Flemish for home or ensemble playing.  Spine length of 73” x 32” with 6 1/4” octave span.   With utilitarian cover and full tool kit.

Offered at $9900 and available 90 days from contract. 

New Consignment:  4/10/24