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4455 HCH

Short compass Italian with painted case ~ Sold ~


4455  HCH
Zuckermann design Italian single professionally built , C/E - d "' with two split sharps, 8’, 8’ pitched at 415 HZ.  with keyboard of boxwood and cherry, Cedar Inner case.  

This is a true inner outer case instrument  (inner instrument: 79 1/2” x 30”, octave 6  7/16" , outer case 82" x 33" ). The outer case sits on a Spanish style stand and has a painted music desk.  In addition there is a turned leg stand and music desk for use of the inner instrument alone.  Full kit, padded cover and bench are included.   Photos show the instrument in its arrival condition.  We're offering FREE EAST COAST DELIVERY on this instrument.  Technical finish and warranty by HCH 2023 -  120 days from contract.    $13,500

Also have one of these designs--inner instrument only.  

4455 AUDIO 

Listing 6/18/22  ~~~ update 9/19/23