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4361 HCH

Sabathil Single



We've recently taken in trade this Sperrhake single manual harpsichord from the 70's.  Although not historically  based, it gives you a handsome and fully playing instrument at modest cost.  The two choirs of strings are controlled with knee levers, and the buff with a hand stop.  Metal rim, plastic jacks and delrin plectra.   8' 4' buff (new)  @ 440 Hz.  FF-f"' ebony and cheery keyboard, with fruitwood case and three tapered legs.  

Measures 62" x 38.5" with a 6 1/4" octave span.

 Instrument is in full playing condition, case showing sun bleach but with good veneer.   Tuning tools included, and  FREE DELIVERY within 65 miles !    Offered at $2,250.