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4590 NM

Rutkowski & Robinette Concert Double 1968

4590 NM

Large double manual harpsichord by Rutkowski and Robinette, 1968, New York:  16,' 8', 4', 8,' lute;  63 notes FF- g''' , A440; Spine length 108" x 42"; case has hand done decorative painting completed in Italy; Rutkowski and Robinette built instruments of the highest quality primarily for professionals and institutions.  Seven pedals control the resources of this formidable instrument.  

This harpsichord was rebuilt  by the Harpsichord Clearing House in 2015 including requilling, stringing, and brought up to "as new" condition.   Since 2015 the instrument has been professionally maintained and in continuous professional use with the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival.  The sound sample below is drawn from performances at the festival by Paulo Bordignon.   The instrument is currently in Santa Fe, NM and listed at $22,000.

Bach, Bartok, Handel, Persichetti, and Rameau)

Please note: This instrument will again be center stage for SFCMF's 2024 season and available for delivery immediately after-- September of this year.

Listing 10/17/23