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3813 HCH

Polygonal Italian Virginal - Hanzl -



By Hanzl - Boston from the 50's

63 3/4 x 19 ( 22 3/4 at keyboard) 8 1/2" deep.  Acquired thru John Nargasian instrument case is cherry with a sitka board.  Bridges have been removed and John prepared blanks for the new bridges. Looks like he cleaned up the old board.  all positioning points are visible on board and on the old bridges.   Box guide is hollow and jack cuts exactly fit Herz/ Instrument workshop or similar at top with a round hole at bottom for the end pin a la Herz/Dowd in the 50's.  Keyboard has front guide pins, ivory with arcades ( two missing).  Dated under soundboard 3/7/65 with initials...