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4416 CA

Pleyel / Gaveau double -Landowska 1962 ~ Sold ~


The sounds that some of us marveled at years ago and listened to over the years...  This beautifully maintained Landowska model Pleyel is immediately available in the Bay Area!

Pleyel / Gaveau - 1962 - Wanda Landowska specification double manual harpsichord,  61 notes, FF-f" at 440 HZ   Four sets of strings over two manuals controlled by 7 pedals: 16' 8' 8' 4' nasale register, buff stop, coupler.  92"  x 42"
It has a full voice to it and as such is an equal partner for modern instrument playing with  wonderful resonant tone.

Link to demo video:

Over the years this instrument has been rebuilt twice by the well respected Bjarne Dahl- in 1972 and then again in 2003 when he introduced new delrin jacks and plectra and lightened the action--a full rebuild.  It's last service was in 2010, and as you can hear and see from recording and photographs, the instrument is in remarkably good condition, and--in fact-- performance ready.  Located in San Francisco, CA. The owner truly wants a quick sale and will accept the  best offer over $7,500.  Please be in touch!

Listed 7/28/21

10/15/21 This instrument has been sold. 


Please note:
Due to current US Fish & Wildlife documentation requirements, this instrument is NOT recommended for export.