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4386 HCH

Neupert after Hemsch 1980


4386 HCH    ~ NEW PRICE ~
Neupert 18th Century French double manual harpsichord 1980, after Henri Hemsch,     FF - e’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, buff, shove coupler, transposing A415 ( GG-e"')/ 440 (FF-e"'), wooden jacks, delrin plectra, black exterior, red interior with gold leaf bands, painted soundboard, Louis XV stand - with tool drawer. (length: 90", width: 36”)  Beautifully crafted in the historic tradition.  This would be an excellent institutional instrument of good sound, action and structure.   

This instrument is also available on a turned leg stand.  

1/6/23 Price reduced to $19,500