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4393 HCH

Italian Virginal by Hubbard & Dowd


HCH 4393

The workshop of Frank Hubbard and William Dowd operated in Boston from 1949 thru 1958.   This beautiful instrument from 1955 is a fine example of that shop’s output and represents well the Italian virginals of the 17th century.  Walnut case with boxwood and ebony keyboard, four turned legs, music desk, cover and full kit.  C-f”’ at 415 HZ.  Wooden jacks with delrin plectra.  64” x 23” with 6 1/4” octave.  A collector's piece, this would go well to broaden a Museum's collection--both in design and provenance. 

Not currently playing, the instrument will be available 60 days from contract.  Note that all photos below are before restoration.  

$ 7200.