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4605 HCH

Italian Pentagonal Virginal by Robert Duffy ~ Sold ~


4605 HCH

Italian Pentagonal Virginal

A beautifully crafted  17th c. style thin case virginal having four octaves, C-c’’’ (1x8) with a transposing keyboard by Robert Duffy.  It is 19” x 61”and weighs 25 lbs. Casework of yellow cedar with wood jacks, brass strung throughout.  Parchment rose.  This is a new instrument with a bold singing voice!  (currently ay 440 HZ). Music desk, full kit and padded/zippered full cover are included.  


Audio 1 - Frescobaldi Toccata (excerpt)

Audio 2 - Frescobaldi 

Listed 1/26/24

3/15/24 This instrument has been sold.