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4382 HCH

Fretted Clavichord by John Shortridge ~ Sold ~


HCH 4382

A beautifully crafted  fretted clavichord by John Shortridge, C-f"' at 415 HZ , possibly after Hass 1728.  C-e is unfretted, with the bottom 8 notes triple strung 8'4'8 adding significantly to the presence of the instrument; double fretted f-f"' with open d and a). Blue painted case instrument sits on a trestle stand, maroon interior with gold inline on the lid interior.  Keyboard of ebony with bone topped sharps and handcut punched arcades. This instrument has just been revoiced and fully regulated.  55" x 15" with a 6 1/4" octave. $8500.

Listed 6/11/21.  Update 3/3/22

1/6/23 This instrument has been sold.