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4622 HCH

Fretted Clavichord. ~ Sold ~


4622 HCH

Fretted Clavichord; 49 note  C- c”’ at 440. Instrument probably dates from the 70’s and has been professionally reworked into a very responsive and easy playing instrument. The mahogany casework sets off a rosewood keyboard with maple sharps. Fretting: C-c (unfretted and wound), c#-d’ (double strung, d#’- g#” (triple), a” - c”’ (quad). 39” x 11.5” x 4” with a 6 1/8” octave. The instrument is “AS NEW” and ready for your music making.   Offered at $5800.

Listed 3/13/24

4/9/24 ~ This instrument has been sold.