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4511 MO

French Single by Tkach ~ Sold ~


4511 MO    

French single harpsichord professionally built by Peter Tkach 1987, 63 notes, FF-g3, 5 octaves plus 2 notes, currently pitched at A=440.   Two 8’ registers, buff - wide gap, making the two choirs distinct..  Rosewood naturals, plastic jacks, zither pins.  Full Soundboard painting.  Hinged lid with two attached lid sticks allowing low and high lid positions.  Beautifully crafted walnut casework  in perfect condition with a matching turned baluster stand and custom fleece-lined cover.    90 1/2” X 38”.  The instrument is located in St. Louis, and can easily be made transposing with an FF-f"' compass.  $7900.  

6/10/24 - This Instrument has been WITHDRAWN from sale.  


Audio Sample single 8' Here

Audio Sample 8'8' Here

Listed 11/7/22 /. Update 3/4/24