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4438 MA

French double from Zuckermann design 1976 ~ Sold ~


#4438 MA

French double harpsichord built in 1976 by Paul Abrahams from Zuckermann design. FF-g”’ non-transposing at 440 HZ and recently worked up by a professional tech.  8’8’4’ buff.  Keyboard of ebony and bone.  Plastic jacks with delrin plectra.  Instrument sits on a straight leg stand and is painted with a red interior and dark purple exterior with gold banding throughout.  Located in Western Massachusetts (Deerfield) and offered at $6800.


     JSBach: Partitia, Prelude: 

     Couperin, Les Baracades

Listed 11/30/21
This instrument has been SOLD . 2/15/22