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Franco-Flemish double by Tourin ~ Sold ~


4485 NH

Franco/Flemish double FF-g”’ at 415 - Not transposing.  Three choirs: 8’8’4’ with peau de buffle & buff built in the Hubbard Shop by Peter Tourin, master luthier in 1968.  The instrument uses Hubbard (white) jacks and delrin plectra.  There is a turned leg stand, and full soundboard painting.   Located in southern (Springfield)  New Hampshire, the instrument is fully playing and ready for your music making.  The Tourin is 89” length along spine by 37-3/4” width at keyboard well, octave span 6-1/4”. Padded cover is included.   $7200.

Listed 7/16/22
Sold to Fierce 7/18/22