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4058 MA

Fortepiano after Stein by Hugh Gough ~ Sold ~


4058 MA
Fortepiano after Johann Andreas Stein, by Hugh Gough, 1952. 5 1/2 octaves, F - c’’’’, 68 notes, split damper with foot pedals substituted for knee lever design. English walnut with inlay trim, reverse ebony/ivory keyboard. Seven-feet long, weighs about 180 lbs. Rebuilt in 1971 by Hugh Gough musical instrument consultant to the Smithsonian and N.Y. Metropolitan Museums. Extensive work in 1991 by Boston-based Tim Hamilton, a conservator  specializing in the conservation and restoration of historical pianofortes. The instrument is in MA. $12,500. ~ Updated 6/2020.

Sold /  8/2021