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4641 NY

Flemish Double by William Post Ross


4641 NY

Legendary early Boston builder William Post Ross, created this Flemish Double - a copy of a 17th Cent instrument in his possession- in 1977.  Opus 100..  The harpsichord was thoroughly serviced by H. Broekman in 2005.  Ross himself serviced the instrument at various times over the last 15 years.  Of interest is that the soundboard was constructed from  plank from the original Chickering factory in Boston where Dolmetsch, and later Ross worked.

Wood jacks, Zither pins / GG-e”’ not transposing.   8’8’4’  / Arcaded Keyboard of grenadilla with bone sharps.  Offered at $4200.  Located near Bennington, VT.   

Listed 6/26/24