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4584 NY

Eric Herz German Double, NYC

4584 NY

Double manual harpsichord German style number 81, made by Eric Herz, 1969; FF-g"' 16'x8'x8'x4'/nasale; buff stop on 16'x8'x8'. 7 pedals with buff to handstop. Walnut case with inset panels.  Spine length is 109" x 38" with a 6 1/4" octave. This was the concert and recording instrument for Robert Smith (Vivaldi audio below) .  Restored to concert ready condition by Dale Munschy, spring, 2020. This instrument has been restrung in Roslau polished steel wire and Little Falls Alloys brass, and voiced in black Delrin plectra. The keyboards have been overhauled, and the front key bushings have been replaced. The plastic jacks are the originals, however, the plastic tongue springs have been replaced with easily adjustable yellow brass springs. The case and components are in pristine condition. Reverse keyboard with ebony capped naturals and bone capped accidentals. Complete with tools and padded cover, the instrument is concert ready! Located in New York City and offered for sale at  $18,500/. offer


Bach - g minor flute and harpsichord

Bach - Vivaldi in D

Sound samples from a similar instrument are HERE.  



Listed 8/30/23