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4429 MA

English 18th Century Double by Eric Herz ~ Sold ~


4429  MA

Double manual harpsichord in the English style by Eric Herz, 1984.  Three choirs:  8' 8' 4'  with nasale and buff stop to either 8' stop.  The instrument is newly strung in Rose wire and transposing 392/ 415 Hz.  Bone naturals, ebony sharps. FF - g''' @ A392,  FF - f#''' at A415

The Herz shop was always famous for its case work and this instrument displays all of that fine craftsmanship with a crotch mahogany case, inlaid and crossbanded;  Flame maple with crossbanding in the keywell. The instrument is set on a  Hepplewhite style stand with brass casters and a matching bench.  The sitka spruce board carries a gilded Eric Herz rose.  

10/15/21 Listing at $27,000