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Continuo Organ by Bennett & Giuttari


This mechanical action continuo organ is based on the kisten organs of the 17th century (Manderscheit, Nuremberg), with all pipework in wood. Panels on the side (fretwork) and top of the instrument control the egress of sound. The sticker action/ palletbox lies directly beneath the keydesk, giving very precise control of pipe speech. A single-fold wedge reservoir gives gently flexible wind. The instrument's voicing is ideal for continuo and chamber ensemble settings.


Specifications: three rank
Mechanical action: C-d"' transposing keyboard A- 392, 415, 440, 465 hz
8' Gedeckt -
4' Rhorflote -
2' Holtzprincipal
Dimensions: 38 x 36 x 25 in.
Weight: 185 lbs
Cherry case with hand painted door panels and fretwork. A stage dolly is included.
Price: $36,900

Currently in production: 7/22,   Opus 57 - University of Denver. 
Shown below is our Opus 30, for First Parish Church, Brunswick, ME