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4531 OH

Clavicytherium by Cucchiara - Withdrawn ~


4531 OH

A clavicytherium  by Philip M. Cucchiara, Shaker Heights, Ohio built in 2011.  This is a vertical harpsichord in design- a "one of a kind" masterpiece by a well respected craftsman.  Four octaves at 4' pitch with a short octave bass. 

 The instrument has plucked strings and soundboards on the front, back and top panel speaking thru grillwork (no small design feat!)  and produces an etherial sound well represented in the audio samples here:  

             ~      Alman 2.      
                     ~    Papageno's song
                             ~       Kemp's Jig     


Offered at $15,000 and located in Shaker Heights, Ohio.


Here's a detailed description of the instrument:

Emerald Green Polished Enamel, Walnut Trim, Real Gold Leaf (not gold paint), Antique Brass Hardware, Sterling Silver Decorative Medallion (on the top panel)

(1) Table-like Mahogany Stand with Cabriole Legs
(2) Antique Rosewood Adjustable Stool with Brocaded Gold Fabric Top
(3) Custom-made Green Vinyl Carrying Case (encases the entire instrument)
(4) Wooden Box of Spare Parts, Tools and Stringing Kit

Range: 4 Octaves: (with short octave in the base) 49 Keys: Pitched at 4’ (A=440)
Keys: Naturals Ebony, Sharps Rosewood Capped with Bovine Bone, Boxwood Decorative Key Fronts
Folding Fall Board with 4 hinged folds (covers the keys)
4 Jack Rails one for each of the Registers
Pear wood Jacks with top and bottom adjusting screws
2 built-in Tool Boxes with removable tops one on each side of the keyboard: base side and treble side

SOUNDBOARDS: 4 Different Pitch Ranges (plus a 5th Internal Soundboard called a Counter Soundboard)
(1) Base Range (front side)
(2) Tenor Range (back side)
(3) Alto Range (top left)
(4) Soprano Range (top right)

3 SOUND PANELS (removable) 
(front, top & back): Each Sound Panel has matching Emerald Green Reinforced Fabric, which allows the sound to emanate thru all of the openings in each of the Sound Panels

Instrument approx. 26 lbs.

32" x 13" x 10.5" with an octave span of 6 1/4" / Stand height is 25" 

Listed 12/13/22

11/10/23 - Instrument has been WITHDRAWN FROM SALE by the owner.