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4476 HCH

Cembalino by Peter Tkach ~ Sold ~


4476 HCH

Cembalino (Early Music Shop UK ) single 8’ harpsichord professionally built by Peter Tkach 1999. Keyboard is C/E-d”’  of boxwood with walnut sharps- Transposing.   Peter has added a second row of jacks so the instrument plays with celcon or a soft leather stop and a leather buff stop as well.  Sound is very full with an aggressive action.  The case is of cedar with a hinged plexiglass lid and a fully painted soundboard.  Turned two part stand, tools and a hardshell case with wheels for transport.  Light and portable-right into the back of your SUV!

56”x 27” with 6 1/4” octave.  Available 60 days from contract.  


Listed 9/7/22

1/23/23/ This instrument has been sold.