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4095 HCH

Carl Dudash German after Mayer ~ Sold


4095 HCH
German style single manual harpsichord, by Carl Dudash, 2010, styled after the 1619 Mayer. GG/BB - d''', transposable A415/A440, 8’, 8’ , nasal, buff stop, two choirs of brass strings at 8' pitch and three registers: a deep-plucking 8', a middle 8', and a close-plucking 8', with a buff stop on the latter two. Magnificent sound and action! Painted soundboard, lid and case exterior with motto: Musica laborum dulce levamen, "Music is a sweet relief for labors," wooden jacks. (72” x 31”, 6 1/4” octave).  This is a remarkably competent and compact instrument beautifully crafted by the Dudash shop.  

>>  This instrument has been sold.