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4557 PA

Bennett octave positiv. ~ Sold ~

4557 PA

This organ was designed and built for a Franciscan monastery by John & Bonnie Bennett. The pipes are enclosed by folding doors and the entire case lifts off the base for ease of transport. The bench is included with the instrument.

Range: C-d’ (27 notes) at 440 HZ

Disposition:    4’ Gedeckt,   2’ Holtzprincipal. 
The Gedeckt is stopper tuned and the principal is tuned with a scroll top.The organ is solid cherry, with doors on both the front side and the rear side.  There is a matching bench and removable music desk.  Two walnut  knobs on the left side of the case operate the easy reach from the front of the organ.  The blower is housed in the base.  The top easily lifts off from the base for transport. 

Dimensions: 58"h, 21"w (27" at bottom), 16" deep.

Located on Easton, PA.

Listed 4/18/23

9/3/23 This instrument has been sold.