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4458 HCH

1970's Hubbard French Double


4458 HCH

French double manual harpsichord from Hubbard parts, probably from the early 70's.  This instrument--although of early design--is structurally sound and possesses  all of the colors of the great French instruments.  Keyboard compass is 63 notes FF-g"' and the instrument can be pitched at either 415 or 440--your choice.  Ebony keyboard with capped sharps.  Case is of stained plywood with some of life's dings. 

Coming to us from an estate, the instrument is fully playing, but as we are not upgrading the action or jack design, the instrument does not carry our usual warranty.  Again, the instrument is fully playing and can be ready for delivery 30 days from contract. A rugged instrument which would serve a church or academic program well, this is good opportunity to acquire a fine instrument.   


Listing 6/9/22

1/10/23 > THIS INSTRUMENT HAS BEEN SOLD / Shipped @ 440 HZ