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4507 HCH

17th Century French by Kaeser ~ Sold ~


4507 HCH

New Instrument - in the white -  

17th Century French single manual harpsichord by masterbuilder Jacob Kaeser 2022. Instrument is currently fully playing and undecorated.  GG-d”’ transposing 415-440.  Keyboard of ebony with cherry sharps and key front arcades.  Two choirs at 8’ pitch.  Wooden jacks with celcon plectra; the instrument has a bold voice.  Three turned legs —light and portable and an excellent continuo “gig” instrument.  This is a design that continues to be practical and popular.  

$13,900 -  Fully decorated with cover and full tool kit. 6 months from contract

$11,250 -  in the white - available immediately.  

Listed 10/5/22

6/10/23 THIS INSTRUMENT HAS BEEN SOLD - in the white