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4433 HCH

17th Century Antique Italian -

4433 HCH

We are pleased to offer an interesting antique Italian harpsichord dating from the seventeenth century.  The instrument has an inner-outer case design, 2 x 8' disposition,  keyboard C/E-c"' of ebony with bone covered sharps with ivory arcades.  A fine rose of veneer and parchment ( possibly incomplete).  Bridge and nut have been moved--Indication that the scaling has been lengthened.  and the inner instrument case sides cut down--probably after damage to the case.  Decoration of the outer case and trestles ( which might well be original) is of later date.  

~ Additional photos and
~ An extensive report by John Koster on the instrument.

 We are pleased to discuss this instrument with principals and arrange for an inspection here in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.  Offered at $30,000

Listing - 12/29/21.