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4607 HCH

Positif by Greunke & Brombaugh

4607 HCH

Hand winded Positif organ by Hermann Greunke and John Brombaugh, 1975 during their Ohio partnership with George Taylor and John Boody.  C,D,E,F,G,A - d''', 45 notes.   split stops-treble/bass  8' Regal, 4' Rohrflote, 2' Prinzipal, 1 1/3' Quint. @ 440 HZ, meantone.   Octave span of 6 1/4"  Hand winded with two 5 fold bellows.  Graceful carved and gilded grill work and painted case decoration. Entire unit fits into its own storage / travel case. Designed and built for the New York ProMusica, this is a bold and exciting instrument to hear and play and presents a rare opportunity for a visual and aural splash. 

Dimensions:  Set up: 33" w, 66" high, 59" deep.  Keyboard naturals are at 36" 
Crated: (two crates) - 33"w x 22"d x 32"h.  and   15" x 37" x 15" 


Offered at $34,500, this instrument is located in out Rehoboth, Massachusetts facility and available for immediate delivery.