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4559 CA

Paris Dowd Flemish Double ~ Sold ~

4559 CA

WILLIAM DOWD - PARIS  ~  Opus 133 - 1979

For a number of years beginning in the early 70's William Dowd worked closely with Reinhard von Nagel creating what is referred to as the " William Dowd - Paris" instruments and adding the expertise of Dowd, vonNagel, Martin and  Germann and the full Paris crew in the mix.  This instrument is Opus 133 from that tradition: a beautiful Flemish double 1979 GG/BB -d”’ short octave  8’8’4’ buff (with one split sharp) .  The keyboard is of boxwood and ebony with stamped arcades, transposing  to 415/440   Wooden jacks with von Nagel tongues and delrin quilling  move in leather registers which are accessed thru the cheek in the Flemish style:   “A petit revalement “

Case is marbled in red with green/grey banding and trompe l’oeil edge lines. Sheridan Germann traveled to Paris to execute the painted soundboard, and  lid with Flemish papers and painted arabesques.  The turned stand is in waxed oak.  The instrument comes with a padded cover, and full kit.  It has been professionally maintained and is available in the Bay Area. 


From: "The Boston School of Harpsichord Building...Personal Reminiscences" Pendragon, Kroll ed., 2019

 " There was a major difference between the crew in Paris and the one in Boston.  In Boston, nearly everybody has some university experience, while in Paris the six crew members were all from the working class.  This difference turned out to be a great advantage: Boston injected... historical and mechanical knowledge, which the Paris crew was able to combine with its knowledge of and skill with the traditional woodworking techniques from the time of Ruckers, Blanchet, and Grimaldi.  We were, in fact, often pleasantly surprised by discovering traces of the antique styles similar to those our woodworkers would use."
Reinhard von Nagel 

Offered at $22,000

Listed 5/9/23

10/20/23 This instrument has been sold.