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4576 HCH

Hill & Tyre German double 1980/ 2018

4576 HCH

Double manual German harpsichord by Hill & Tyre, 1980 Opus 415.   Three choir 8'8'4' with buff stop, FF-g"' at 415 or 440 HZ....not transposing.  Keyboard of ivory naturals with ebony sharps.  Hand planed case is painted a high polish black with vermillion interior and gold bandings throughout.   Jacks are wood with delrin quilling- with upper 8' as a dogleg.  The instrument sits on a painted three post turned leg stand.  This instrument was rebuilt by Keith Hill in 2018 and is in pristine condition.  Comes with padded cover and full tool kit.  Dimensions:97” x 39” with 6 1/4” octave.  Certainly the best of the Hill & Tyre tradition with a bold sound and firm action.  Offered at $25,000


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Listed 9/12/23