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4630 HCH

Fudge German double after Zell


4630 HCH

German double manual harpsichord by Carl Fudge Opus 67, 1979 after Christian Zell 1728.  Three choirs 8’8’4’ with buff to upper 8’/. Non transposing at 415 with wood jacks and box registers. Quilling is in delrin. Note the elegant Zell stand in black with gilding. Outer instrument is black with vermillion banded interior. Keyboard of ivory with dark stained sharps. The instrument comes to us just rebuilt 2024 by Robert Duffy Harpsichords and carries our full warranty. Dimensions are 97” x 37” with a 6 1/4” octave.  Parts: Instrument/ stand/ cover/ fall board/  t-hammer/ music desk/ lid stick. 

Offered at $30,000

Listing 5/20/24