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4541 LA

Flemish Single after Ruckers by Brodersen


4541 LA

Single-manual harpsichord after Andreas Ruckers, 1637, completed in 2012 by Christopher Brodersen. Original in the Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg. 1 x 8' and 1 x 4' with buff. Compass C/E-c'''. Knock-down trestle stand and fallboard - Strung with 'p-wire' from Stephen Birkett quilled in delrin. - The exterior of the instrument is decorated in faux-marble. The interior is fully decorated with a gilded soundboard rose, soundboard painting, and block-printed Flemish papers by Peter and Anne MacTaggert. Both sections of the lid carry Latin mottos: "Sic transit gloria mundi' and "Musica magnorum est solamen dulce laborum."  The instrument is located in Covington, LA



Listed 1/30/23