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4555 HCH

Flemish Double by Giuttari ~ Sold ~

4555 HCH

Flemish double manual harpsichord by Glenn Giuttari 2015.  GG-d”’ 56 note transposing with keyboards of ebony and bone topped sharps.  8’8’4’ buff.  Wood jacks with delrin plectra.  Full Flemish decoration after the Hamm House Ruckers by Ben Martinez with full soundboard painting, Flemish papers and lid mottoes.

Turned stand in natural oak with matching music desk and lid stick. Full padded cover and tool kit.  Instrument dimensions. 88” x 34” with a 6 1/4” octave.

On exhibit at the Boston Early Music Festival 2023, this instrument was chosen for the keyboard masterclasses.


Listed 4/12/23                  This Instrument Has Been Sold 5/2/24