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4528 TX

Flemish double with Pedal by Bryon Carroll

4528 TX

Flemish double manual harpsichord by Bryon Carroll Opus 4/ 1984 /. Three choirs 8’8’4’ with buff.  5 octave FF-f”’ with keyboard of ebony and bone. At 440 not transposing.  Hill plastic jacks with delrin.   Walnut burl and carved end blocks in key well.  Fully painted soundboard.  Dimensions:  92" x 39"/    Recent professional technical work completed.

AUDIO 1 - Upper instrument

Pedal Harpsichord # 4529

>>This instrument is paired with pedal harpsichord HCH #4529  and offered at $9800-  (formerly 14,500) for the combined harpsichord and pedal instrument.    

Located in Austin, TX. / Listed 12/28/22

Price change 1/2/24