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Continuo Organ by Klop, Netherlands

From the workshop of Henk and Niels Klop, Netherlands, this continuo organ continues to be a world-standard for early music groups, choirs and touring ensembles. Designed by Gerrit Klop, to achieve the mild yet carrying tone so searched for in continuo organs, the pipework is made entirely of wood, following historical examples like the Compenius organ of 1610 in Copenhagen. This has as extra advantages extremely light weight and ruggedness of construction; it can be easily transported in any position without fear of damage. The case in which the organ arrives also serves as a sturdy transport case. All registers are split bass/treble, with both stop knobs operated by one (left) hand. Casework is in cherry with ornamental grill panels. ~ Harpsichord Clearing House is the US representative for the Klop firm - now in its third generation of building.


C-f"' transposing keyboard A-392, 415, 440(fully chromatic), 465 hz
8' Gedeckt
4' Chimneyflute
2' Principal
2 2/3' (treble only)
Dimensions: 112 x 83 x 50 cm / 44 x 33 x 20 in.
Weight: 82 kg / 181 lbs

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