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4572 TX


4572 TX


This is the second instrument of this type designed and built by David McBrayer. Completed late in 2022, it is brass-strung, 1x8’, with five-octaves (GG-f’’’). There are 61 strings, allowing transposition of all 59 notes to A392, 415, or 440. The keyboard octave span is 6-1/8”. The unique simple action design drives the Zuckermann Delrin jacks directly from the un-weighted key levers, giving a light, responsive action. The keyboard is placed above the jacks, nut, and tuning pins -- well above the end of the case. The Italian- inspired case measures 37” wide, 80” end-to-end, and 8” front to back; the keyboard enclosure extends another 10 inches. On its detachable stand, the overall height is 92”. The case back is basswood; sides are hard maple; soundboard is Sitka spruce. Bridge, nut, and moldings are cherry. Key naturals covers are beechwood and the sharps are walnut. The removable music desk is attached to the keyboard cover.  Located in Houston, TX and offered at $9,200.

SOUND SAMPLE / Froberger: Toccata in d minor

Listed 7/7/23