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4348 CA

Zuckermann Fortepiano after Stein / Sold


4348 CA

Fortepiano after Stein by Carl Miller from Zuckermann design. (Carl was one of Zuckermann's agents, so this is professionally built)  Double strung throughout. FF-f"' 430 HZ.  Moderator,  and dampers operated by knee lever.  85 x 33  Reverse keyboard.  Walnut case with panel lid and turned fluted legs. THIS INSTRUMENT HAS JUST BEEN BROUGHT UP TO SPPED  by Janine Johnson and a full and very positive REPORT/RECORDING is now available.  Don't miss this opportunity to acquire a concert ready instrument at a very low price. Located in Davis, CA.     $11,900

 Listed 12/1/20
Updated 6/28/21

Sold 7/6/21