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4274 MA

Flemish Double by Matthew Redsell ~ Withdrawn ~


4274 MA
Flemish double manual harpsichord by Matthew James Redsell, Toronto, 1984, after Johannes Daniel Dulcken 1745 (Smithsonian Collection). Rebuilt by HCH in 1998. FF - f ’’’, 8’, 8’, 4’, nasale, transposing A440/415, , hand stops in keywell, wooden jacks, delrin plectra, bone naturals, ebony sharps. Decorated with Flemish papers, painted case of blue with gold banding. Three-piece trestle stand. Length 102”, width 38”. Includes cover. The instrument is in Massachusetts. $12,500.

5/31/21 Chris withdrew the listing. She's gong to trade instrument in on a "new one"