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4372 HCH

Two manual & pedal box organ by Witteveen



Two manual and pedal box organ by Rinze Witteveen, 2010. 5 stops.  Manual I: 8' Holpijp, 4' Roerfluit, 2' Octaaf, 8' Vox Humana. Manual II: 8' Gedekt (transmission from Man. I), 4' Quintadeen. Pedal: Permanently coupled to Manual I. Tremulant affects the entire organ. Manual compass C - f''' (54 notes; 8' Holpijp omits lowest C#); pedal compass C - d' (27 notes). Naturals of maple, sharps of ebony, and case of Oregon pine: 46" wide, 24" deep, 38.5" high; lower keyboard projects an additional 4" from case; pedalboard projects an additional 23" from case. Full footprint is 46" wide x 47" deep. All pipes are made of wood and travel well. Straightforward portability: the pedalboard slides out, and four retractable metal handles make an easy two-person lift (185 pounds approximately). The blower is located within the case. Bench and tuning hammer included.   This instrument is currently in New Jersey and will be brought to our Rehoboth Gallery in a few months.  

The organ can be heard at