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4309 Scotland

Early 18th Century South German Chamber Organ ~ Sold~


4309 Scotland

Early 18th century South German Chamber Organ

This elegant and attractive organ is dated 1705 on the upper board. The painted and marbled case is enhanced by original carvings which have been re-gilded.   The registration of 8', 4', 2', 1' is typical for a South German instrument; the metal pipes are original and in good condition; the wooden pipes are also in good condition but some have been replaced. The compass is 5 octaves, with a short octave in the bass.

The profile and proportions are excellent.
Dimensions of the organ are:
height: 196 cm, + 27 cm for the gilded 'crown';
width: 120 cm;
depth: 61 cm.

The current owner purchased the organ from an antique dealer in Amsterdam, who bought the instrument in Graz, Austria. Before acquiring the instrument it was examined by Dr. Michael Latcham, curator of the musical instrument collection in the Hague, who verified its authenticity. It was restored by the respected organ building firm of Reil (under the direction of Albert Reil) in Heerde. It is believed that the organ was built for a chapel in Bad Radkersburg in Austria. The instrument is near Edinburgh (Scotland).    € 35.000

9/1/22 This instrument has been sold.